"One In A Million" lyrics - PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH

"One In A Million"

[Chorus: C.L. Smooth] [4x]
One in a million - fluke for you baby
One in a million - listen it drives you wild

[C.L. Smooth]
I'm one in a mil and from the Vernonville
I work it out and wait to get curled
I'm here to sell more joints than "We Are the World"
Flows and old bros and new foes are open and closed shows
So never doze attention, the Mecca's representing
The uptown jazz sound and the chicks start mingling
Now let's watch a flick by John Singleton
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth is in the Mecca house building
'Cause this funk is one in a million

[Chorus 3x]

[Pete Rock]
Poetic, energetic rhymes that I'm droppin on ya
Justice, must this be hotter than a sauna
You know the boy wonder Mecca Don's got the soul
The black brother's in control now it's time to roll
We kick the flavor neighbor rappers when you need a savior
We're the two man band that everybody favors
Check the resume as we sit back and parlay
I'm on the job like the mob every single say
'93 no shorts, music is my sport
The hot metal's on my waste, brother here's a taste
In your face, the bass chillin like a masked villain
Nobody better 'cause we one in a million

[Chorus 4x]

[C.L. Smooth]
You know the bump jump can damage your rump and dump [?] in a lump
And leap higher than a Reebok Pump
My funk style, wicked and wild and me you dial smooth as New Now
Many call this my Poetic Justice
So my fist can dismiss your hit list here's another twist
Listen in fact I brought my cheek's kiss
Roots and our loots and Tim boots the funk is [?]
Now my sound brings new recruits, hey!
Mecca raw the more I toured to get my first born
It's a boy, now my name lives on and on
Whip a jam, fully aware that I can scare a cocky new pair
Slide em and guide em to the rocking chair
Up and away I'm trying to play the classics to today
Hip-hop nonstop, collecting ghetto props
Drilling grilling holes I feel because we're here to make a killing
'Cause this funk is one in a million

[Chorus 4x]

"There is no competition" (scratched [8x])

"We are the best" [8x]