"Cocaine Socialism" lyrics - PULP

"Cocaine Socialism"

I thought that you were joking
When you said "I want to see you
To discuss your contribution
To the future of our nation's heart and soul
Six o'clock, my place, Whitehall"
Well I arrived just after seven
But you said "It doesn't matter"
"I understand your situation
And your image, and I'm flattered
Oh and I'd just like to tell you
That I love all of your albums
Could you sign this for my daughter?
She's in hospital, her name is Miriam
Now get down to the gist:
Do you want a line of this?
Are you a (sniff) socialist?"
"Doin' fine, yeah!
Buzzin' all the time
Just one hit
And I feel great
And I support
The welfare state
Oh, you must be socialist
'Cos you're always off out on the piss
In your private member's bar
Oh yes you are
Yer superstar
Well you sing about common people
And the mis-shapes and the misfits
So can you bring them to my party
And get them all to sniff this?
And all I'm really saying
Is come on and rock the vote for me
All I'm really saying
Is come on roll up that note for me
The gist of all of this is
Do you want hits or d'you want misses?
Are you a socialist, yeah
Socialist, yeah
Socialist, yeah
Oh yeah"
"Yeah, you can be just what you want to be
Just as long as you don't try to compete with me
And we've waited such a long time
For the chance to help our own kind, so now
Please come on and tow the party line
Oh you owe it to yourself
Don't think of anybody else
And we promise we won't tell
Oh we won't tell, and we won't sell"
No we won't
No we won't
No we won't