ROGER WATERS lyrics - But The Marquis Of Boulli Has A Trump Card Up His Sleeve

"But The Marquis Of Boulli Has A Trump Card Up His Sleeve"

[King & Queen:]
But the Marquis of Boulli had a trump card up his sleeve

The Marquis of Boulli a good General
And fiercely loyal to the crown
With his army in the East
Hatched a plan to see the King released

The Queen assuming the title Baroness Korrf
Her papers signed by the King of course
Set forth before the break of day
To join up with Boulli in Alsace Lorraine

From the shadows King Louis disguised as a humble valet
Sneaks out to make his getaway
With a small entourage of course

[Officer & Chorus:]
Just a few hundred light horse

Well let him go, let him run, with his Austrian whore

[Troublemaker & Male Chorus:]
Let him go to Prussia

[Officer & Male Chorus:]
Let him go to Austria
Let him go and die there

[Troublemaker & Male Chorus:]
Let him go

[Officer & Male Chorus:]
Let him go

[Troublemaker, Officer & Male Chorus:]
Let him rot wit his Austrian Queen

That the Republic at last can come into being
But wait, fate would intervene

A keen-eyed postmaster by chance

[Officer & Chorus:]
Recognized the King and Queen and

Rode ahead to raise the alarm

In Parliament the moderates have their say

The King has not fled
He was kidnapped instead
And spirited away

To suggest that the King would run is a damnable lie

It sticks in our throats and conflicts with our national pride

But the Austrian court
And Brunswick of course
Say they'll declare war
If the King's not restored

[Troublemaker (mimicking Brunswick):]
You must leave the King alone
Or all of Paris will be torn down
Down to the very last stone

[Troublemaker & Officer:]
Paris will be pulverized
Down to the very last bone

When the carriage returned
The acrid smoke of bridges burned
Hung heavy like a stifled sigh
And they say the Queen had a tear in here eye

When through the carriage window
Louis turned to face his peers
A loyal friend, the Comte de Dampierre
Doffed his cap with elegance
In deference to the King
A brave and foolish thing to do
In light o f the prevailing mood

A few drops in her eye
A nice touch, a good try
Too little, too late
For a last roll of the die

[Ringmaster & Chorus:]
The crowd in a gesture less than elegant
Brutally remove his head

Brutally remove his head

Brutally remove his head

Ca Ira (2005)