"Dude, I'm Still Alive" lyrics - SHERYL CROW

"Dude, I'm Still Alive"

I certainly was confused
When I saw your tweet today
How when I see the headline
I'll be rolling in my grave

If Kid Rock runs for Senate
I wouldn't be surprised
But not over my dead body
'Cause Dude, I'm still alive

Dude, I'm still alive
Dude, I'm still alive
I'm like Gloria Gaynor
You know I will survive
No matter what's online
Fake news or lies
Dude, I'm still alive

Maybe Mr. Ritchie
Can fix some things for us
Like making sure Detroit is set
To make an electric tour bus

At least the guy's not 90
In his 32nd term
But a pole in the Lincoln bedroom
Is bound to make some people squirm


I like a president who's smart
And handles women with respect
Who doesn't tweet on the toilet
But perhaps from the Reagan desk

I'm sorry for Jeff Sessions
Seems they're dropping like flies
As for Comey, Sean and Reince
Dude, at least you're still alive