"Slippin' Away" lyrics - STEVE EARLE

"Slippin' Away"
(Steve Earle, Chris Gates, David Roach)

Back in my old home town
There were long summer days
And there were leaves on the ground
And it was too cold to play

The city's colder than cold
It's faceless and gray
And all the dreams that you hold
Keep slippin' away

Slippin' away, slippin' away
Little by little, day by day
Slippin' away, slippin' away
Little by little and day by day

I saw an old friend of mine
Asked if he was ok
And he said everything's fine
But his eyes filled with pain

Yeah, he had nothin' to lose
He had nothin' to say
He feels worn out and used
And slippin' away


Better put up a fight
Start right here today
It's time you start right
Before you just slip away

[Chorus 2x]