"The Note" lyrics - STEVE EARLE

"The Note"
(Stacey Earle, Mark Stuart, Steve Earle)

If you can't find your way back
Turn around, you left a track
One that leads right up to our back door

Pieces that you left behind
And the day I woke to find
Your note I found there on the floor

Some who will come and go
Those, heaven only knows
Those who can't take it anymore

I sure hope you will understand
Find yourself a better man
That's all it said and nothing more

I cant run and hide
No place for me to go
This is the only life Ill ever know

Don't come around here
Don't knock on my door
Looking for your wife, she don't live here anymore

Things around here wont be the same
I'll remarry, I'll change my name
I'll change the lock upon the door

And the only thing you will find
Among the dust I left behind
Your note I left there on the floor

I don't read it anymore