"Leave Me Alone" lyrics - TAYLOR SWIFT

"Leave Me Alone"

You see me giving people weird looks, I can't help it is ma face,
My kind is the odd and quiet type, but I can be loud when I want to,
Don't be a racist idiot, you hate the nazis too,
You're just a fat guy who needs a life, but I'm not helping that task
You tell all your friends that I am real strange,
You can't talk 'cause your gay,
Fat gay, fat lad, fat man, hanging on the wall,
You need give me space, ortherwise I will... Nut you.

You call me a phyco, you don't know what your saying,
You call me every name under the starlit sky,
Get a life, that's worth living, your making mine like hell.
Don't be gay, oops wait, your bi-sexual,
Don't be stupid and wreck your life,
Go away DJ, I ain't that phyco, who nutted that lad under the old bridge,
Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone!