"The Worst Days With You" lyrics - TAYLOR SWIFT

"The Worst Days With You"

She acts like she's 5 years old
Since it's cold she's got her big coat on
I hear people laugh at her
I look up bored
And she cries and runs
We start throwing stuff at her and she tries to hide
This starts to get old
She hugs her legs
And we put her to sleep
I'm forced to take her home

And she's stupid to not know why the trees change in the fall.
And I know that she is scared
Of every little thing and all
She thinks snow whites house very near how dumb
But I know we had the worst day
Ever today.

She starts acting like she's 13 and thinks everyone is mean
She starts crying
And I push her away
And cut her with my keys
And she starts to drive and drive until she found a town far enough away
And she sulks and walks and tries to forget all our names

And she know if she's ever going to finish school
And she knows shell never laugh
'Cause we shrunk and she grew
She don't know how long it'll take to feel okay
But she knows she had the wors day ever today

She had a bullying father
She thought she was getting stronger
Her mom beats up her little brother
Inside and out hes more popular than she is
She grew up in an ugly house
And had no space to run
And she had the worst days with me

There was a video I found from back when we were three
She was trying to paint in the kitchen and she was talking to me
It was the age of teasing and bullying and throwing eggs at her window
And her dad was super dumb
And I was the most handsome boy
In the whole wide world

And now she knows why
All the trees change in the fall
And she knows I was never on her side
And always said she was wrong
And she hates me
For giving her the evil eyes
And making her feel like
She could shine
And I don't know if she knew
So I'm taking this chance to say
That I always have the worst days
When I'm with you.