"Hari Krishna (Live)" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Hari Krishna (Live)"

I wasn't very popular in high school, And here's what I figured out
It was because I needed it too much, I needed attention
I think I have a, a chromosome, The need-attention-chromosome
I know that some of you have it too
And its fuckin' tragic
Caused a lot of pain, early on
And this is a song about that

Everything sucked in high school
So I moved to the Miiiidlle Eeeast
I kicked ass with the Krishna
I took on their belief

Sista! A-Hari Krishna
A-Hari Hari, A-Fucking Hari

Now I'm back home now
Momma don't like me
Daddy don't recognize me
A Hari Hari

A-Hari Krishna, oh yeah!
A Fucking Hari
A Hariiiiiiiii

A nigga greeeesss