"You Fucker (Kick It With A Tasty Groove)" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"You Fucker (Kick It With A Tasty Groove)"

Let's kick it
I'll say kick it and you'll just kick it with a tasty groove, ok?
1... 2... 3... kick it
Kick it... c'mon god dammit
God Kyle, could you one time kick it... what the fuck?

Jack, don't put it all on me
I've been sittin' here waitin'

Ok, we've got a crucial, clutch cargo gig comin' up Kyle
You cocksucker
You don't give a shit and I've been sittin' around gettin' sick of your attitude
You fucker... Ya fuckin' bitch!

I don't think I like YOUR attitude

You fucker!

You know what!? I QUIT!

[Jack cies]