"East Virginia Blues #2" lyrics - THE CARTER FAMILY

"East Virginia Blues #2"

My sweetheart has gone and left me
And my little sisters, too
And I'm left alone in sadness
Lord, I don't know what to do

All this world has turned against me
Nothing but trouble do I see
There will be no more pleasure
In this whole wide world for me

[Instrumental break]

Oh, I am just from East Virginia
With a heart so brave and true
And I learned to love a maiden
With eyes of heavenly blue

That same day I packed my suitcase
And I started to go away
But she met me at the station
Saying, darling, won't you stay

[Instrumental break]

Oh, I am dying, Captain, dying
Won't you take these words for me
Take them over to the jailhouse
Let this whole wide world go free