"I'll Never Forsake You" lyrics - THE CARTER FAMILY

"I'll Never Forsake You"

I am so happy
That you love no other but me
All of my life
I've tried to win your love you see
And I still wonder
If you will be happy with me
When we are married
And taken you my wife to be.

I have waited
So long for the words you've just said
I always thought
That you loved another instead
But you have told me
With your own sweet lips so red
And I am waiting
For the day when we shall be wed.

If you would ever
Forsake me my love I would pray
"Take me, my Maker
Up in Heaven where white angels stay
'Cause I would never
Go on living without you this way
If we would part
I'd rather you'd take me today.

"No, no, I'll never
Forsake you, I'll always be true
And we'll be happy
Together because I love you
And when I think of us parting
Sweetheart it runs through my head
If we can't be happy together
My love, I'd rather be dead.