"Lonesome For You Darling" lyrics - THE CARTER FAMILY

"Lonesome For You Darling"

I am lonesome for your darling
Though from me you're far away
In a lonely little cottage
I am waiting day by day

Though you went away and left me
Left me alone in this old world
How it hurts me little darling
To hear you say those parting words

I can see you in the moolinght
Strolling down lover's lane
I know it's you I love my darling
Won't you take me back again

Do you think we could be happy
Do you think you could be true
To the one that's always loved you?
No one loves you as I do

Won't you take me back my darling
So I can prove my love to you?
If you'll accept me little darling
We will start our lives anew.

I will take you back my darling
If you'll promise to be true
Let me look my little darling
In your loving eyes opf blue

We are happy now together
In the moonlight all alone
And we'll settle down forever
In our little cottage home.