"Lonesome Homesick Blues" lyrics - THE CARTER FAMILY

"Lonesome Homesick Blues"

I've got the lonesome homesick blues
I've got them bad, babe, down in my shoes
I love someone there that I might lose
That's why I've got these old homesick blues

It makes me homesick to hear your name
And hold you, dear, in my arms again
I'm a-gonna ride that lonesome train
To the one I left in Maces Springs

[Instrumental break]

You told me once, dear, you loved me so
And it's on my mind everywhere I go
I'll soon be knowing if it is so
Or has your love for me grown cold

Oh, listen to that old lonesome train
It's a-gonna carry me back again
To the one that told me their love was true
I'll spend the rest of my days with you

[Instrumental break]

I've been away, babe, a long long time
Now I'm riding down this old railroad line
And the one I love there I hope to find
To ease this lonesome blue heart of mine