"My Native Home" lyrics - THE CARTER FAMILY

"My Native Home"

I'd like to see my native home
The lofty trees, the golden sand
The rugged hills all crowded 'round
My mother's voice how sweet would sound

Sometimes I dream of home and friends
My dreams are false, my heart it rends
And when I wake I'm all alone
My dreams are false, my friends are gone

[Instrumental break]

I'd like to see my heart's delight
Her beauteous face and eyes so bright
And how she'd smile as I drew near
I'd kiss her with a falling tear

It fills my heart with fondest love
To listen to that lonesome dove
She mourns as if her mate was gone
As if, like me, left all alone

[Instrumental break]

Nine or ten years have passed and gone
And I'm still left here all alone
Virginia, o my native home
Among your hills I'd love to roam