"The Last Move For Me" lyrics - THE CARTER FAMILY

"The Last Move For Me"

I've been traveling for Jesus so much of my life
Been traveling o'er land on sea
But I'm planning on taking a trip to the sky
That will be the last move for me

When I move to the sky up in Heaven so high
What a wonderful time that will be
I'm ready to go washed in Calvary's flow
That will be the last move for me.

I've seen wonderful sights as I traveled afar
How little, how empty they seem
When I make my last move to that city of gold
That will be the last move for me


Here I'm bothered with packing each time that I move
And carry a load in each hand
But I'll not need one thing that I've used in this world
When I move to that heavenl;y land.


Everything that I need will be furnished uip there
Not ewven my song books I'll bring
Or the precious old Bible that showed me the way
I'll not need when I stand by my King.