"You Better Let That Liar Alone" lyrics - THE CARTER FAMILY

"You Better Let That Liar Alone"

If you don't want to get in trouble
If you don't want to get in trouble
If you don't want to get in trouble
You better let that liar alone

Well let me tell you people what a liar will do
He's always coming with something new
He'll steal your heart with a false pretence
Make out like he's your bosom friend

When a liar takes the notion to bend the truth
He'll lay around his neighbors to get the news
And nearly every day when you look out
You can see that liar coming to your house

He'll tell you such a lie it'll surprise your mind
He'll mix a little truth for to make it shine
When he finds out you believe what he says
Then that liar's gonna have his way.

When everything's in perfect peace
Here comes that liar with his deceit
When he gets his business fixed just right
Then that liar's going to cause a fight

He'll make out like he loves you so well
Everything you hear he must come and tell
Let me tell you sisters if you only knew
What a certain somebody says about you.
He studies up a lie he'll tell it so smooth
You'll think absolutely that it must be true
And he'll urge you out for to trace the tale
And if you don't mind you'll be put in jail
A hypocrite liar both kicks up a fuss
They're both very bad but a liar's the worse.