"You Denied Your Love" lyrics - THE CARTER FAMILY

"You Denied Your Love"

That was the day when you went away
You broke my heart in the month of May
That little ring I gave to you
Will show you, dear, my love was true

[Instrumental break]

Sweet are the flowers of our friendship
That has bloomed our whole life through
But ne'er forget, though you're far away
They're blooming in my heart today

[Instrumental break]

You denied your love, but you proved it so
You came to see me when the sun was low
You broke my heart, but you were kind
When you said "Oh, dear, you could never be mine"

Oh, let me tell you what love will do
When you love a boy that don't love you
It'll break your heart, they'll leave you alone
They'll roam the west, so far from home