"Introduction / What This Country Really Needs Is Another Movie Star" lyrics - THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO

"Introduction / What This Country Really Needs Is Another Movie Star"

[Spoken:] Do you worry about Vietnam? Do you fear the NATO split? Do you dream about the national debt? That doesn't help a bit! Don't fear Red China's bomb threat, don't cry for the old UN Just remember that the republicans are coming back again They know that what this country really needs is another movie star No one else can steal those leads like another movie star Ron Reagan is the governor, George Murphy in D.C. Now to complete the picture, all we need is Sandra Dee 'Cause bonny Ronny Reagan knows experience pays So California better get set for Death Valley Days Won't it be great when we can say, "all the senate is a stage" Put politics where it belongs on the amusement page And though our next president may not have scored In the senate or supreme court or the cabinet my Lord Hey won't it be fun to know he won an Academy Award Because the country needs another movie star
[Spoken:] Margaret Smith, you better chase, tiny Tim's in the race And over in France, won't it be groovy? Bardot as Premier, DeGaulle's in a movie! Tuesday Weld, you'll make it, too When Justice Douglas marries you Even England's makin' the scene, Ringo's next in line for Queen! Oh, gee, it's nice to see the GOP With such a grand old plan They may not have a leader any more, but They've got a leading man And now we'll be safe, for if someone slips And the finger on that little old red button was tripped Why, it simply wouldn't matter, folks, it wasn't in the script That's why the country needs another movie star Now Lyndon is smarter and Hubert's more clever But the GOP knows movies are better than ever So everybody sing, "the stars and stars forever..." [Spoken] Well after all George Murphy danced his way into the congress And Ronald Reagan acted his way into a governorship And George Hamilton... Well, he did the best he could 'Cause we need a movie, a groovy groovy movie Hey, don't ya love a pretty movie star