"Say It Again" lyrics - THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY

"Say It Again"
(Ed Welch)

One day I was walking home, I was thinking of her
Sure felt lost but she told me some things of which I wasn't aware
She told me she'd be kind of shy until I opened up her life
Now that she feels the way that I want her too - Whoa oh oh

Say it again,
Say you love me again
Baby say it again
I've heard it before but I'll hear it some more
So I'm waiting for when you'll say
Say it again
Say you love me again
Baby say it again
So if I'm away, don't forget what I say
Baby say it again and again and again

The first dates weren't how I imagined how loving should be
I told her just to wait to see if her love brought her closer to me
And when I got to look around I realized what I found
Now that she says the things that I want her to - Whoa oh oh