"Can't Be Love" lyrics - TOM MISCH

"Can't Be Love"
feat. Etta Bond

[Verse 1: Etta Bond]
To see him leave, was like watching as the sun sets
He was my accomplice
We did everything together
He was like my shadow
I was something like his warmer sweater
Turn to me, like a prayer
And anywhere I had to go
He'd take me there
Don't lie babe
I know you're scared
Sacrifice truth
'Cause you chose the dare, yeah

[Chorus: Etta Bond 2x]
This can't be love
I don't do this
I don't do this

[Verse 2: Etta Bond]
Can't believe that you used to bring me breakfast
My plus-one to any guest list
Wouldn't see one without the other
When he left, I lost a limb
Felt like I lost a brother
So I turn to prayer
'Cause a life without you can't compare
Don't hide,babe, I know you're there
Are we missing out on life
Just because we're scared?