"Beulah Land" lyrics - TORI AMOS

"Beulah Land"

Beulah land got a wasted gun
Licorice man, I'll sum you up
Thumbs up got something in that sand
Beulah girl, you been hitching me up

Got some candy and a sweet sing
Give me religion and a lobotomy
Beulah land, you beautiful whore
Tell me when I don't need you any more

Said that somewhere
You're going to get something here
So you're right in the middle
And then I'm you
Something is coming back again
I said you
Maybe I don't want to go
To where you're not, so

Beulah land going to find me a worm
A place to bathe this body on down
Got a rubber board and a crocodile
Going to float on past your home

Say when
Just say when
Just say when