"I'm Not Stupid" lyrics - TORI AMOS

"I'm Not Stupid"

When I was 21
Do you think I had a bag of cocaine in my car
If I did, if I did
You'd never know it, no
You'd never know it because it would have been hidden, yes
'Cuz I'm not stupid, no
But why are so many 21-year-old millionaires so stupid
Stupid and cute, but stupid
I don't knowlet's just say
When I was 26 or 7 or 8
And if I was a millionairess
What would I have done
Many naughty things
Many many many naughty things
But I would have had a driver
'Cuz I'm not stupid, no

I'm not stupid, no
Not that stupid, anyway
'Cuz if I had been naughty
I like being naughty
But I haven't been caught so far
And I am almost 44
And I have done
Many many many many bad things
But they are hidden
Inside my mmmMmm
Inside my mmmMmm
So there's no record or no fingerprints on it
'Cuz I'm not stupid
'Cuz I'm not stupid
No, not stupid