"Just Ellen" lyrics - TORI AMOS

"Just Ellen"

Ever since I met you you captured my heart
You treated me like a lady from the very start
Guess I'm a little girl in her dreams who doesn't want to see
That I have to grow older and change on my own
I want to be a singer but go it alone
But it is so hard for me 'cause I don't want to see that

I'm too young for a man but I'm too old for a boy
So can't we just pretend that I am older that I really am?
But then only little girls pretend

I put on all the makeup that I can possible find
I'm five years older in just a minute's time
But I can't compete with the ladies that attract your kind
So I am rummage through my sister's things
Hoping to find something that will catch your eye
To make you change your mind
So I won't have to leave so you won't say to me

I'm left out in the night I've lost all my senses
I know this isn't right but you've captured my defences
I really am in love well that's they way I feel
This game has to stop 'cause you know it can't be real

I know I'de make you happy but I'm too young for a wife
Love is always special but I know I can't rush my life
So I'm waiting in the wings to see what life will bring
And maybe in a few years when I am wise and tall
Love will light again and shine upon us all
He says I'm a little girl in her dreams who doesn't want to see