"American Man" lyrics - TRACE ADKINS

"American Man"

He keeps a spit cup wedged between the dash and the windshield
Wore out spot where his hand lays on the wheel
Fourteen years of back and forth
Of work and Church and honey do's
He's a hardhat, hammer swigging, won't hear him whine
Kick some butt, wrap it up, crack a beer, high five
God fearing son of pride and strength
That's exactly what he's turned into
He'll fight tooth and nail for his family
Give the shirt right off his back for a friend in need

So let's all raise a glass to the guy who never asked
Any praise for a job well done
All the blood, sweat and tears, standing tall, no fear
He's the backbone of this land
It's long overdue, here's to the American man
The American man

Flies the stars and stripes on a pole in the front yard
Picture of his wife and kids as a bookmark
To keep his place inside the Good Book
The words he believes and lives by
He's going to make mistakes like anyone
But he's going to make it right before the day is done

[Chorus 2x]

This one's for you to host, the American man
American man, it's me, the American man, that's right