"Rain, 3 A.M." lyrics - VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR

"Rain, 3 A.M."

Spitting drops of rain flow down
And touch my cheek,
Intermingling with my tears
As I silently weep.
Then the fatality of life
Presses close and probes in my eyes....
And I'm cold and hungry tonight.

These great black walls of brickwork
Bow low and oppress my mind
Like the words of people
I thought I'd left far behind;
The presence of the words and walls
Is too close and it's far too clear
As the rain keeps washing through my tears,
As the rain just washes through my tears.

A drunk looks out at me and he quickly turns away;
He's hiding deep inside himself
All the ritual of this strange play.
There's no-one else upon the street,
Just this dying old drunk and me
And the cat that's hiding in the tree.

My memory stretches back,
As I continue to cry,
To places where I went wrong,
Although I still don't know quite why.
The flashing neon signsd proclaim
"All is void where the human lives"
And in the darkness no-one forgives.

And in the darkness no-one forgives.