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Song from around 1940's, maybe older ?

LOOKING for the lyrics to a song, i believe to be older than the 1940's, = 'a hole in the floor for the chickens to scratch through', . my mommy born in 1937 remembers it to go something like that, she recalls a woman - LIKE Minnie Pearl, I'll try to get more details, and update. Sure would be greatly appreciated if someone could even send me down the right path, thus far i am coming up blank. smiling smiley I realize it's not much to go on, just thought i'd get started before I ran out of time. She's 80, funny what we remember - interesting what we forget.
Thank you, for your time....
"Irishman's Shanty" perhaps?
March 13, 2018 07:44AM
Isn't it "Irishman's Shanty" by any chance?

Did you ever go into an Irishman's shanty
Where fleas and bedbugs and mice were a-plenty,
A three-legged stool and a table to match,
And a hole on the floor for the chickens to scratch.

Go into the house with the dirt to your knees,
On the corner of the bed you see the fleas,
The fleas are as big as kernels of corn,
And this is the house where the Irishman's born.

Did you ever go into and Irishman's shanty
Where money was scarce and whiskey was plenty,
A three legged stool and a table to match,
And a door upon hinges without any latch.
I’m Try and remember from my childhood. Here are some lyrics that we used.

Out of all of the women that I’ve ever saw
None quite as mean as me mother-in-law
You take the hatchet and I’ll take the saw
Will chop off the legs of me mother in law

Ydily Ydily Ydily…..

When I was a chicken as big as a hen
My father, he hit me and hit me again
Something I can’t remember
So I picked up the poker and poked his eye out


Then there’s something about
McCarthy didn’t know it and then he was dead
MacGinty didn’t know it and both of them dead
And then the simbed and neither of them knew that the other was dead

More Ydily


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