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GARTH BROOKS lyrics - Learning To Live Again
"Learning To Live Again"

I burned my hand, and I cut my face
Heaven knows how long it's been
Since I've felt so out of place
Wonderin if I'll fit in

Debbie and Charlie said they'd be here by nine
And Deb said she might bring a friend
Just my luck, they're right on time
So here I go again

I'm gonna smile my best smile
And I'm gonna laugh like it's goin out of style
Look into her eyes and pray that she don't see
That learning to live again is killin me

Little cafe, table for four
But there's just conversation for three
I like the way she let me get the door
I wonder what she thinks of me

Debbie just whispered you're doin fine
I wish that I felt the same
She's asked me to dance, now her hand's in mine
Oh my God, I've forgotten her name


Now here we are, beneath her porch light
And I say what a great time it's been
A kiss on the cheek, a whispered good night
And I say can I see you again

And she just smiles her best smile
And she laughs like it's goin out of style
Looks into my eyes and says we'll see
Oh this learnin to live again is killin me
God this learnin to live again is killin me

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