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NIGHT RANGER lyrics - Soul Survivor
"Soul Survivor"

There's a man
Sits outside in front of Grazi's cafe
Dirty clothes, a bedroll and a smile
He rubs his hands together
Says "mister can you spare me some change?
I've been down on my luck for a while"
Yet I 'm a soul survivor
I sleep under the freeway signs
And I'm here to remind you
Be a friend of mine
Oh be a friend of mine

There's a famous picture
From the war in Vietnam
Little girl running on a road burned a screaming
Thirty years later
She met the man who called down the napalm
Did he lie
When he begged for forgiveness

She said I'm a soul survivor
God's grace has set me free
And I'm a living reminder
So think about me
Oh can you think about me

I know this world out side
And it is no bed of roses
We need each others hand
To take us through the night

[Guitar Solo]

Soul survivor
Everybody needs a helping hand
We're all here to remind us
The white man, the black man, red man , all men
Soul survivor, yea yea yea...
I'm a soul survivor
Be a friend of mine
Oh be a friend of mine
I'm soul survivor
Be a friend of mine

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