"Another Lonely Life" lyrics - THE MAVERICKS

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THE MAVERICKS lyrics - Another Lonely Life
"Another Lonely Life"

In the years that knew her I thought I told her so many times
Just how much I have loved her I couldn't even say goodbye
She sleeps in her own darkened bedroom tryin' to wake her up on Sunday night
An empty stare and a handshake then she closed her eyes to die
I wish I had talked to her I wish I had walked with her
Oh Lord how I'm missing her all I have to do is cry


Now I found myself trying to relive all the days gone by
I've done wrong now I'm paying for another lonely life
I wish I had talked to her...


I wish I had talked to her...

Why couldn't I ever show her all the things that she longed to see
It's too late now it's all over there's nothin' left for me to be

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