"The Troublemaker" lyrics - WILLIE NELSON

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WILLIE NELSON lyrics - The Troublemaker
"The Troublemaker"

I could tell the moment that I saw Him
He was nothing but the troublemaking kind
His hair was much too long
Aand His motley group of friends
Had nothing but rebellion on their minds.

He's rejected the establishment completely
And I know for sure He's never held a job.
He just goes from town to town
Stirring up the young folks
'Til they're nothing but a disrespectful mob.

And I know for sure He's never joined the army
And served His country like we all have done.
He'd rather wear His sandals and His flowers
While others wage the war that must be won.

They arrested Him last week and found Him guilty
Aand sentenced Him to die but that's no great loss.
Friday they will take Him to a place called Calvary
And hang that troublemaker to a cross.

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