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  1. Woody's Ghost, Pt. 1
  2. Pete Meets Woody [Spoken Word]
  3. Are There Any Mountains Near Here? [Spoken Word]
  4. Woody Writes This Land Is Your Land [Spoken Word]
  5. America Learns This Land Is Your Land [Spoken Word]
  6. My Big Education [Spoken Word]
  7. 66 Highway Blues
  8. How To Sing In Saloons [Spoken Word]
  9. Riding The Freights [Spoken Word]
  10. Rambling The Appalachians [Spoken Word]
  11. Which Side Are You On?
  12. You'd Better Get Them Singing [Spoken Word]
  13. Union Maid
  14. Songs Woody Liked [Spoken Word]
  15. New York Town
  16. Reading And Writing [Spoken Word]
  17. The Minstrel Song [Spoken Word]
  18. On The Radio [Spoken Word]
  19. Do-Re-Mi
  20. Woody Sez [Spoken Word]
  21. Why Do You Stand There In The Rain? [Spoken Word]
  22. The Flip-Flop [Spoken Word]
  23. The Almanacs Go West [Spoken Word]
  24. The Sinking Of The Reuben James
  25. The Folk Process [Spoken Word]
  26. Woody Trilogy: Hard Travelin' / This Train / There's A Better World A-Coming
  27. Fighting Fascism Starts Right Here [Spoken Word]
  28. If I Had A Hammer
  29. Woody's Ghost, Pt. 2
  30. From WWII To The Weavers [Spoken Word]
  31. Just Make It A General Song [Spoken Word]
  32. So Long, It's Been Good To Know You
  33. The Last Time I Heard Woody Sing [Spoken Word]
  34. Pastures Of Plenty
  35. The Freest Place On Earth [Spoken Word]
  36. This Machine Kills Fascists [Spoken Word]
  37. Little Arlo Writes Things Down [Spoken Word]
  38. Woody In The Balcony [Spoken Word]
  39. This Land Is Your Land
  40. The Last Visit [Spoken Word]
  41. My Peace
  42. Woody Lives On [Spoken Word]
  43. I Ain't Got No Home
  44. Howdy Little Newlycome
  45. Peace Pin Boogie
  46. Woody's "Rulin's"
  47. I've Got To Know
  48. Woody's Ghost, Pt. 3