311 lyrics - Don't Stay Home

"Don't Stay Home"

Life could slip away
In absent minded numbness
I'm only saying this cuz
I wish for the best
When you always stay in
Self incarceration
I think it's such a shame

Don't stay home this time
No don't stay home
If he don't have to
He don't want to
Don't stay home this time
No don't say no

How I like to
Diffuse your bomb of anger
It's screaming danger danger
This kind of world don't care if your home
So you better get some


Everything I'm sayin
You can dismiss
Because I sat alone
On this past Christmas
I deserve to be alone
But I guess I should have gone home


Don't break mold kid
Just eat around it
Yeah that's what I did
I'll be running around the block
For no apparent reason
Somethin you'll catch me doin
In any season
Gotta break a sweat man
Got-ta bust out
Good-good-good bye now goodbye to the drought ugh!

[Chorus 2x]