"Dwight Spits Intro" lyrics - 7L & ESOTERIC

"Dwight Spits Intro"
feat. Count Bass D

[Count Bass D]
Yeah, this is countbassd.com, lately known as Dwight Spitz, representing for 7L & Esoteric, yeah, you know, you saw gravy, [?] MCs y'all producers out there, I think it's cool y'all wanna freestyle, y'all wanna battle, y'all wanna do this, but yo. What you need to do it go ahead, make you a whole album, make you some songs, you know what I mean? That's the sole- man, that's the whole reason why we do this, I think that's the reason why 7L named this album The Soul Purpose, you know. Uhm, so, it's how it's gon' grow, it's how it's gon' get down, so without further ado