AIMEE MANN lyrics - Lies Of Summer

"Lies Of Summer"

Saw you at the fall
Picture on a closed-circuit
Boy you lost it all
Thinking you could rework it
Stole a credit card and ran away
Back in Louisville they called the play and now

We'll all rewind and just
Listen for the lies of summer

Who gets hurt the most
The guys that you would call brother
Girls that loved a ghost
A ghost that had a sick mother
Now you're waiting for the meds to take but it
Takes a miracle to heal this break and now


If the doctor would just sign this pass
I put my hand up on the plexiglass
And scan your face, to see if you're in there
Wait a sec I gotta write this down
'Cause once they put you in a paper gown
They leave no trace, like you've never been there


We'll all rewind and wait to hear