"Sharks And Danger" lyrics - ALEXISONFIRE

"Sharks And Danger"

St. Catherines Psychiatric Help Line, this is Nancy.


I'm sure this is all gonna sound really ridiculous and uh...
I don't exactly expect anyone to believe all this
Uh... for the last little while I've been kinda keeping correspondance with my sanity, and uh...
I really get the feeling that I'm starting to lose interest in the letter writing process
The pieces of the letters, they just get progressively shorter and shorter until it's not even a reply
I uh... the whole thing makes me really nervous
I just wish I could show you what a huge problem this is

As life hangs beside me
I gather all that I can
You were never one for confrontation
But now it lies all in your hands

Your hands...


I kind of have this...
What if some real and terrible accident happened to myself
Would I still have all these stupid questions right?
Like what if uh...
What if there's a spot on my body that I can touch to keep my heart from beating?
Or like what if, what if there's this uh...
Stray bullet out there that's gonna come through my window and take me out?
Like what if uh... what if there's this huge unstoppable comet that's just gonna like,
Destroy the earth and all of us?
Like what... what if that's happening right now?
How can I avoid all these questions if I don't have that?
Like, who is gonna be here?
Why... who is gonna be there... in the hospital?
Who is gonna tell me that all this is bullshit... it's a dream?
Just a dream
This is not a joke
And uh... I'll never sleep

Who will be there to tell
Me how stupid I am? [4x]

Who will keep me from lashing out? (lashing out)
Anxiety chokes me like razor wire (razor wire)
Who will keep me from lashing out? (lashing out)
Anxiety chokes me like razor wire (razor wire)

I... (can't penetrate the crowd)
And anxiety chokes me like...

(Now it's all in your hands)

Anxiety chokes me like razor wire

...Razor wire