ALICE COOPER lyrics - Peter Arrives And Settles In Los Angeles

"Peter Arrives And Settles In Los Angeles"
(Giants Are Small)

It was his first time away from home.
he was coming to live with his grandfather,
who had moved to America, long ago.

from the airplane window, the city below looked SO BIG & SCARY!
As he waited outside, Peter wondered:
"Will I recognize him?

[Tires screeching]

As grandfather arrived, he was driving an old pick up truck & wearing a headband!!??
with his long hair, like a HIPPIE.
Not exactly the kinda grandfather Peter was expecting!
"Heyy hey there little man, said grandfather.hop in dude, I think your gonna like it here!" and off they went...
Peter didnt enjoy the music playing on the radio, so he gingerly reached for the dial...

"Schools out..." [music blarring]

[Sweet symphony music playing Peter & the Wolf]

Oh I liike this one, said Peter.
ok thats cool said grandfather alittle suprised!!!

Peter's grandfather worked as a gardener for a once famous movie star.
Like many celebirties that came to Hollywood to make their dreams come true the movie star lived in a fabolous mansion.
surrounded by fancy grounds with a swimming poool and bubbly fountains... car door opens and shuts... they had arrived... foot steps but grandfather lived in a bungaloo in the back of the mansion with a pack of ducks! one of whom spent more time indise the house (quacking) he thought as himself AS almost human. door creaks open and symphony music playsand plays. whata big house thought Peter, whod grown up in a smalll cramped apartment.
it was nice to have an upstaitrs and thats just where Peters room was... it didnt seem like much at firs, t but little by little Peter made that room his own!
he found a place for the picture of his parents and hung up new posters. sometimes grandfather helped him build things. and that was COOL! and as the weeks went by Peter studied hard. at night grandfather read him stories. and all the while
(Quack quack)
.a little duck...