"The Man We Left Behind" lyrics - ANGELS OF LIGHT

"The Man We Left Behind"

One, two, three, two, three, four

I send my regards
To the man tied to his chair
His fingers lost feeling
His eyes scan the air
Tell him I love him
But I've left him behind
Now I'm no longer there
And his problems not mine
And it's true I still crave him
I crave him too much
He's still in my bloodstream
But I'll soon give him up
And send my sincere lust
To the girls with blue hair
I hope they remember me
But then I no longer care
And all of my troubles
And all of my fears
I send them to you now
Where they just disappear
So come lay beside me
Show your true face
This girl is a woman now
Save the man from disgrace
Now the futures unfolding
And the past it's a lie
So send our regards to
The man we left behind