"Let's Make A Night Of It" lyrics - ARABESQUE

"Let's Make A Night Of It"

I met him on a lazy afternoon
He said to me: I'll kiss you very soon
Because it is the only way
To spend a long and lonely afternoon
He said: I am a stranger from the west
I better do whatever you like best
My lazy afternoon
Became a crazy afternoon
Hey Hey

Hey baby
Hey hey hey hey hey
Let's make a night of it
Right way
Hey baby
Hey hey hey hey hey
Don't say goodbye to me
Right way
Hey right way
Hey right way

He really made a night of it allright
The sun was shining bright, we said 'good night'
Waking up I saw the moon
'Cause I overslept the afternoon

And when I head him knocking on my door
Hey baby love what are you waiting for
I love you all the way
Let's do the same as yesterday
Hey hey