"Young Fingers Get Burnt" lyrics - ARABESQUE

"Young Fingers Get Burnt"

First time you go out at night
Daddy says: "Wrong" and mammy says: "Right"
One kiss and your heart's a song
Mammy was right and daddy was wrong
You found your one and only
He swears upon his life
That only you will be his wife

Young fingers get burnt
'Cause they have to learn
Life ain't easy
Not as easy
As in dreams it seems to be

Young fingers get burnt
They get in return
Many many moments of joy
Young fingers get burnt

Daddy, tell me honestly
Can you recall your very first kiss
Mammy, tell me honestly
How many times was daddy dismissed
Was he the one and only
Who swore upon his life
That only you would be his wife

Hearts are yearning
Hearts are learning
Keep on trying
Till you're flying

Young fingers get burnt
Young fingers get burnt