"Back To Back" lyrics - ARCH ENEMY

"Back To Back"
(Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer)
[Originally by Pretty Maids]

They came at dawn
Into the morning light
Black shadows ridin' on the mist
Prepared for battle
Swords were shinin' bright
Filled with anger and harm
Came to kill not to charm

The sound of metal
Screamin' in the air
The time has come where justice rules
The endless victims
Looking up in fear
Now who were the fools

Oh here they come
Riders of the sun
And they will fight
Back to back - back to back

They're fighting hard
Their way of victory
Dead bodies lying on the ground
They are the soldiers of eternity
And their swords spinnin' around


They're fightin' with power
Ready to ride
Let go


They got it all
They'll never fall
But they will fight
The night is fallin'
Light will disappear
A magic silence fills the place
Could read the warning
Shinin' crystal clear
Now they were lost for the chase


No - no - no - no