"Cascade" lyrics - ARI LENNOX


A torrent of water began to subside
I had a revival, of this steep incline
A current so quick, you can't open your eyes
How did we get this high?

Fall into my cascade
I'll make you weak with my waves
Swallow me deep, as my valley weeps
Leave no trace

Whirlpools carve deeply in my
River, runnin' out of time
Said at my peak, hard rock collide
How did we get this high?


(I, Ohh, I,)
Let it come down, I'll lift you off the ground
Let it com down
You're different, different and special
Said you're something different (oh), glad you need me (I)
You won't find what you've been missin' unless you release me
Glad you're different, somethin' special
Glad you need me, you're somthin' special (Oh yeah)
Love me, love me