"Dive" lyrics - ARMORED SAINT


A perfect chair
To park my derriere
Look out the window
And see the world moving along

A scenic view
Tell me what I should do
It's irrelevant cause
I don't ever listen

You still offer your ostrich omelette
You already bought the farm

A snail's pace
Is better than that rat race
The labyrinth maze is never ending

So skip the cheese
And rise from your knees
That concrete ground ain't very comfy
You still offer your calloused hand
But your just a shell of a man

Dive off the deep end
Someone's drained the pool
A hard surface you collide

Dives off the deep end
Why choose to pretend

What your diving towards
Is an owl's eye

Dive off the deep end
Dive off the deep end

Someones drained the pool
Faster than you collide

Dive off the deep end
Try not to pretend

What your timing towards
Empty booby prize


Hard surface you collide