"Dancing" lyrics - ASTRUD GILBERTO


When you called me, late in the night
I thought I heard the sounds of dancing
And there we were out on the floor
And as we looked into our eyes
We then would see the days ahead
So full of love, we never knew would have an ending

I still recall the clothes you wore
The way you moved, and so much more
I'm floating now, I'm on a cloud
Holding my breath, and my eyes are closed
Hoping you'd catch me right in your arms
As I fall in love with you

I do recall, the smile you wore
When we would waltz, in love so strong
It was as if the parquet floor
Would disappear, leaving us afloat
Heavenly dancing, with just a song
Holding our hearts forever more

So, when I called you, late in our lives
I know I saw the lights of dancing
And there you were out on that floor
I walk to you, look in your eyes
We start to dance, and then we dream
Of days before, so full of love
But, never ending

Dancing, dancing
Never ending...