"G.A.M.E." lyrics - B-LEGIT

feat. Mac Dre & Taj-He-Spitz

(B-Legit, Mac Dre...
Mac Dre all day)

[Mac Dre:]
She ask and wonders, "who's those guys?"
"The words they speak, are they trues or lies?"
B-Lit spittin at the bitch like her ears are mics
Are the twins, lesbians, queers or dykes?
Mmmm, I don't know and I don't care
She pay like she weigh and get it long as her hair
It's irrelevant, B-Lit tell a bitch
To meet us at The Magic, we elegant

Meet us at The Magic baby catch me en route
A bass, two guppies, one shark and a trout
You can ask Jake Stone what this hit is about
In the city where they sin when them tricks come out
It was me and Mac Dre: Cutthroat Committee
Hoppin out the big boy Bentley, you with me?
At the bar, rap stars, sippin on Henny
Tryin to get it how we live, fat tall or skinny

I got that G-A-M-E
I've got that G-A-M-E
I spit that G-A-M-E
I give that G-A-M-E
Now I know hoes that go, go
Sunshine, rain, sleet, snow, snow
I don't sweat her, I let her know, know
Get chips, get rich, get dough, dough

Understand one thing, big game I got it
I caught her in the alley, straight aimed and shot it
I popped it like I knew it, see I learned from Ammy
A girl that give it to me, but still can't stand me

[Mac Dre:]
'Cuz she don't understand me, he too flammy
Fuck an Oscar or Tony, give that nigga a Grammy
We somewhere in???
Where the waters are blue and the beaches is sandy
We ridin candy, in the deuce
I'm fuckin with B-Lit and we on gorilla juice
Tell the truth, don't you strip?
B-Lit hook her up with the pimpin tip


[Mac Dre:]
Now we somewhere, on North Flamingo
Where the bitches, hoes and old folks play bingo
We gettin Pringles, for lames that's chips
And nothing but game flames from these lips

Well show me the money like Jerry Maguire
I'll show you a honey, hair red like fire
I know a snow bunny, stage name Desire
The ho check money like the house on fire
She used to be with him, but your nigga he not
I caught her in the game in the parking lot
She started menstruating when I started to pop
I started this drop and headed out to the spot
$2700 at the Mandalay Bay, $3700 Mirage the same day
Bitches really like the way The Bay play
Me and Mac Dre, we off the ash tray