"Marijuana" lyrics - B-LEGIT

feat. Berner

[Intro: B-Legit]
Check one
I'm back in the piece man
You know what I'm talking about, yeah
'Bout to roll em in one of these motherfucking
Raw papers
With gelato, you dig?
Put a little Cookie crumb on that motherfucker
See what that do
A little bit of that Snowman oil, you dig?
Man, we just gettin' high
I mean, what else you gonna do, nigga

[Verse 1: B-Legit]
Ask me how I feel about the marijuana
I tell you that I love it like I love my mama
We don't do confusion and all the drama
We be with the crew, little Benihana's
California state, Chico up north
Get it to the Bay, it's some buckmore
Travel up top with some fuck foe
They ain't even got what a nigga ride
Gelato with my raw with the Cookie crumb
On my Instagram putting hella thumbs
Fuck around, you gonna need another lung
Probably where your favorite rapper get it from
White boys and the tube rolling B-La's up
New strain, 'bout to enter that in the cup
With the harvest coming up, I'mma' move around
High as health care, nigga, I ain't coming down

[Interlude: B-Legit]
For what?
Nigga, thats what we do
It's what we been doing
Nigga, hit me on the next album dank site
Ay B-La
I want some of that shit you and Berner be having on your IG
I said man, you have to get at Berner about that, boy

[Verse 2: Berner]
Roll another one smoke the pain away
I'm in the Bay getting paid in a major way
When that box show up, how you supposed to feel?
A hundred-fifty grand wrapped with a vacuum seal
Took Sherb, put his back on the map again
Long nights, no sleep, sick of traffickin'
Wax made me never want to dab again (Ouch)
Buy more bags to put the candy in
It's outdoor season and I'm loving it
Price so low, they can't get enough of it
Snowman got me on my own hype
Fuck a new chain, baby, buy me grow lights
I'm in the G-Spot, yeah, the weed spot
The shit will make you sweat like a key shot
Clear on my Rolly, no G-Shock
New Benz cost about three blocks
Let the smoke clear, homie, I'mma' pot-head
Weed got him noddin' like a hot pad
F-1 burning, now the room smell
Like the pelly did back early two-thou
Nice boy, pretty bitch, few pre-rolls
We let the coke bricks fly with the eagles
I'mma' beast with the weed shit
Me and B-Legit, we let the P's flip

[Outro: Berner]
We're certified
And I do appreciate all the game given
You know how we get down in the Bay
You know fourty-eight, fifty-eight-hundred
Six G's in the A1 was like that
Ha, double up and triple up every time off 'em like that
B-Legit, Berner, how we get it, uh