"You're Gonna Miss Me" lyrics - BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE

"You're Gonna Miss Me"

I remember a time
When you said you were mine,
And how we'd go out together.
But now that's all gone,
And i'm singing this song,
Hoping that you're feeling better.

I was such a fool,
To think we'd last forever.
You turned your heart away.
So now i'm leaving;
I'm going away.
I think you're gonna miss me,

You said "we're living a lie."
So you said we should try
Something that barely succeeded.
It didn't work out,
Cause you were all about,
All of my friends, and you cheated.

I was so blind,
To think we'd work it out.
You had it all your way.
Now i'm leaving,
I'm going away.
I'm sure you're gonna miss me,

How long has it been,
Since the sun has come in?
How long has it been stormy weather?
It all feels so sad, cause it turned out so bad.
We just couldn't make it together.
Playing with my mind,
You're hiding all the answers.
You've thrown it all away.

So now i'm leaving;
I'm going away.
I know you're gonna miss me,