"I Do Love You" lyrics - BARBARA MASON

"I Do Love You"

(I do love you)
(But it's all right)
(I do love you)
(Yes I do, now)
(I do love you)
Yes, I do, now
(I do love you)
Oh, I love you so right now
My-my, my baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Little darlin', I said
I love you so right now
Never, never, gonna let
Gonna let, gonna let you go
Not at all
Pretty little baby, I said
I want you to try to understand
A-that I, a-that I, a-that I, want to
Be-eee, be-eee, de-de-de
(Your lovin' man, girl)
(Yes, I do girl)
Now baby
Love-a-me, so-whoa
I don't want you, you to go
No, no, no-no-no
Why don't you listen to me?
I'll take you all-a my kisses
(Deep in love)
(I do love you)
All! my love
I pray for your love
Would-a come to me
(I do love you)
Oh, someday
Because I love you so bad now
It's about to drive-a me mad, girl
(Yes, I do now)
I said
(I said, I do love you)
(I do love you)
I'll love you
(I do love you)
And a dream true

My pretty baby, yeah
Love! (I really love you)
I love-a-you, love-a-you, so a-right now