"Trigger Happy People" lyrics - BARBARA MASON

"Trigger Happy People"

Trigger happy people, new day's about to come to light
You evil minded people, sleep tonight
'Cause there's no promise of tomorrow
It only brings sorrow

Knifing your brother in the back
Setting him up for that evil track
That track that will take him into hell
He's going to hell, well

You trigger happy people, demon's on his way
You evil minded people might even be today
You better prepare your souls, both you young and old
'Cause time is marching on

This old world ain't long to be
It's gonna be all alone for you and me

You trigger happy people, the demon's watching you
You evil minded people if this old world is through
There's gonna be fire and brimstone, every nation will stand alone
And judgment, it'll be passed upon you

You trigger happy people, one of 'em shot our president
You evil minded people if, the whole world knew he was devil sent
One of 'em shot his brother, the Rev. King was another
They became the victims of those trigger happy people
Of those evil minded people

Trigger happy people, they're everywhere
You oughta take care
Stay away from em
Gun happy people
Trigger happy people
Evil minded people