"What Did I Have That I Don't Have?" lyrics - BARBRA STREISAND

"What Did I Have That I Don't Have?"

Oh, I thought he kinda liked me.But all this time he was
thinking of someone else - me! Oh, these questions!
He wasn't interested in me. He was interested in me!
Oh God! Why did I have to come along? I mean, what is
so special about an English accent?
Cheerio! Oh, tallyho, doctor!
Yes, she gave me the jolly message. Oh...Nuth...
Nothing is wrong! After all, what is time?
If you miss me in this life you can catch me in the next.
Come on an' watch! 'Ay wot, well Kippered Herring! ...

I don't know why they redesigned me
He likes the way he used to find me
He likes the girl I left behind me
I mean he...I mean me...
What did I have that I don't have?
What did he like that I lost track of?
What did I do that I don't do the way I did before
What isn't there that once was there?
What have I got a great big lack of?
Something in me that
He could see that
Beckons to him no more
I' m just a victim of time
Obsolete in my prime
Out-of-date and outclassed, by my past!
What did he love that there's none of?
What did I lose the sweet warm knack of?
Wouldn't I be the late great me if I knew how?
Oh, what did I have I don't have now?
What did I have that I don't have?
What do I need big supply of?
What was the trick I did particularly well before?
What did he see that's gone in me?
What did I use that now I'm shy of?
Why is the sequel never the equal?
Why is there no encore?
Where can I go to repair?
All the wear and the tear
Till I'm once again the previous me!
What did he like that I am not like?
What was the charm that I've run dry of?
What would I give if my old know-how still knew how?
Oh what did I know?
Tell me where did it go!
What, oh, what did I have I don't have now?